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We at Weigandt Consulting are very proud of our expertise in Retail Business and many successfully implemented solutions in more than 15 years and 14 countries. Our customers are big Retailers in Grocery, Fashion, Drugstores and Department Stores.

Weigandt Consulting can deliver solutions empower retailers to win market share, to improve response to change quickly as the competitors and to enhance the customer experience and loyalty.

Take advantage of our wealth of experience and knowledge in implementing and supporting of Oracle Retail Solutions to get the best results, and maximise the return from your investment in Oracle.

Built on the Oracle Retail platform, the Merchandise Operations Management (MOM) solution provides a flexible, scalable and proven base from which core merchandising activities can be efficiently executed, to boost profitability. Activities include inventory management, pricing, replenishment, purchasing and vendor management — in a global environment, across multiple channels.

What can Weigandt’s MOM solution deliver?

Visibility of business processes

Providing visibility of business processes by centrally managing foundation data and inventory.

Sound pricing decisions

Real-time access to the information, tools, and analytics necessary for making profitable pricing decisions. Getting the retail price right is one of the fastest ways to boost profits, increase market share and grow customer loyalty.

Operational excellence

Improving retail operational efficiencies by leveraging perpetual inventory, mass maintenance functionality and trade management.

Platform for growth

Supporting the growth of retailers looking to expand internationally and/or to add channels.

Assortment &
In-Season Planning Solution

Our solution for ASSORTMENT AND IN-SEASON PLANNING is designed to support any aspects of lifestyle retailing, and has a lot of features like: VISUAL PLANNING, IN-SEASON CORRECTIONS, CONSUMER DEMAND FOCUSSED etc. For more details please read the white paper.

The special FAST FASHION PLANNING SOLUTION delivered by Weigandt Consulting is focused on short-life merchandise management, so it’s perfect for the fashion industry! And, it enables you to plan your assortments visually, so they appeal to your customers.

Does this solution suit you?

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