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Streamlined order tracking and customer feedback system

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With the increasing demand for online orders and an outdated system for manual tracking the online orders, Tesco, a large multinational retailer, needed a modern and reliable solution. Weigandt Consulting and Tesco created a joined team of experts which developed and deployed a top- notch order tracking system and streamlined process to handle customer feedback.


Legacy Modernisation, Staff Augmentation


Inventory Management and Fulfillment (Logistic)



Microsoft, Java 17, Spring boot, Spring Webflux, Spring Cloud Stream, Couchbase, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Azure, Kubernetes, Azure Service Bus, etc.

Meet the client

Tesco, a leading UK retailer and a notable global player, operates 4,859 stores across the UK, ROI, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Serving millions weekly, both in-store and online, Tesco offers a vast array of products, emphasising customer satisfaction and market presence.


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The challenge

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With the rise in online and pre-orders, it became apparent that Tesco`s manual tracking was slow, leading to mistakes in order processing and unhappy customers. The absence of a cohesive feedback system also made it difficult to promptly address customer feedback, both positive and negative.

These challenges could ultimately lead to lost sales, diminished brand reputation, increased operational costs, and missed opportunities for process improvement and customer engagement.

Sudheer Allampati, Senior Software Development Manager, Tesco

Huge thank you to the team at Weigandt for their fantastic skills in engineering. Their commitment, tech skills, and collaboration help massively in complex, transformational projects. The team has done a brilliant job! We've especially thankful that you always go that extra mile.

The solution

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To handle Tesco's challenges with increasing online orders, Weigandt Consulting collaborated closely with the Tesco team. Together, we developed a real-time order tracking and management system, based on micro-services architecture, enhancing the speed and accuracy of the ordering process. Our system provides real-time details on order status and payment, simplifying order monitoring. An integral component is its capacity to collect and interpret customer feedback, driving service enhancements.

Additionally, our solution incorporated an efficient mechanism for collecting and analysing customer feedback. By delivering this system, we improved both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Project Summary

Related capabilities

Legacy Modernisation

Weigandt Consulting's collaboration with Tesco led to creating a system that handles up to 2000 messages per second on standard days and peaks at over 5000 during busy holiday seasons.

Through our partnership, we also championed the use of a reactive technology stack, leading to quicker operations and optimised resource utilisation.

During the development process, a strong emphasis was placed on testing. We introduced a culture where developers ensured robust unit and integration test coverage for each feature. This approach not only detected issues early but also fostered a commitment to quality throughout the project.

Harut, Developer at Weigandt Consulting

Working with Tesco's team, we tackled real challenges. Together, we built a tool that's strong, easy to use, and ready for Tesco's growing online sales.

The outcome

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The collaboration between Weigandt Consulting and Tesco resulted in a system that greatly improved online order management:

Streamlined Order Management: The new system optimised Tesco's online order management, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

Swift Customer Feedback Addressal: Managers can now promptly address customer feedback, driving incremental enhancements in customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Order and Payment Visibility: Real-time insights into order status and payments have empowered more effective decision-making.

Consistent Performance During Peak Times: The system's robust and reliable performance, even during high shopping traffic, bolstered Tesco's online service reliability.

Tech Evolution Milestone: This project marked a key phase in Tesco's tech advancement, adopting Java 17 and reactive programming, promoting a more agile and innovative development culture.

Impressive System Metrics: Efficiently handling up to 2000 messages per second on regular days and peaking at over 5000 messages during busy seasons showcases the system's robust performance.

I did meet the team from Weigandt and must say I was very impressed with their dedication and commitment. These are the partners we should be working with.

Vidya Laxman, IT Director, Tesco

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