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Konzum's digital transformation for unified retail

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Konzum, Croatia`s largest supermarket chain, was facing operational inefficiencies and challenges in data centralisation due to their cumbersome legacy software. By collaborating with Weigandt Consulting, Konzum managed to conduct a full-scale digital transformation and revolutionise its operations. We assisted Konzum in implementing Oracle Retail modules, crafting a tailor-made wholesale solution, and seamlessly integrating systems, paving the way for expansive operations and future successes.


IT Consulting, Packaged and Cloud Applications, Application Management Services


Merchandising and Planning, Sales and Customer Experience, Pricing


Weigandt Consulting assisted Konzum in implementing Oracle Retail modules, crafting a tailor-made wholesale solution, and seamlessly integrating systems, paving the way for expansive operations and future successes.


Oracle Retail (RMS, RPM, RTM, ReSA, RIM, RCM, RDF, BI, RETL, BEPL, RIB, RWMS), Custom Solution for Wholesale

Meet the client

Konzum, Croatia's retail titan, operates 600+ stores across 300 cities, serving over 500,000 daily customers. With the largest wholesale footprint via their VELPRO segment and employing 10,000+ people, they're a beacon of commercial success in Croatia. Additionally, their market dominance extends to neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, showcasing their regional influence.




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The challenge

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When we began working with Konzum, we encountered a digital infrastructure that was falling behind in the rapidly evolving retail world. The issues were multifaceted, ranging from operational inefficiencies due to outdated legacy software, to challenges in centralising data and ambitions to expand their supply chain.

Konzum, however, was proactive and had already set a clear path forward. They had chosen Oracle Retail as their new merchandising solution, marking a significant step towards centralising and modernising their operations. Before implementing any solutions, Konzum undertook a detailed discovery phase, resulting in a comprehensive report that outlined their current architecture, identified gaps, and proposed initial strategies for both implementation and deployment.

Konzum sought to partner with an experienced Oracle-Retail System Integrator, emphasising quality, risk reduction, and cost-effectiveness. They believed in collaboration for achieving their strategic goals, which included multi-country expansion, retail line diversification, a significant supply chain overhaul aiming for a rise in centralised deliveries, and an ambitious move into eCommerce.

Our role was to realise Konzum`s vision with precision and efficiency, aligning closely with their strategic ambitions.

Tomislav Jukic, Board Member at Agrokor Group

We established a deep and trusting relationship with Weigandt Consulting during our Kondor programme which has matured into a true partnership between our two companies.

The solution

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Weigandt Consulting collaborated with Konzum on the KONDOR (Konzum Deploys Oracle) project, aimed at optimising merchandise operations and enhancing the supply chain. Covering both retail and wholesale facets of Konzum`s business, the project included a sophisticated yet cost-effective operations and application management service.

This comprehensive project unfolded in three distinct phases. The first phase laid the groundwork for core merchandise management, focusing on managing master data and pricing structures, and included the development and integration of a bespoke Konzum Wholesale Solution (KWS) with Oracle Retail. This phase saw the implementation of various Oracle Retail modules, enhancing Konzum`s retail merchandising and price management systems.

The second phase advanced further, implementing and integrating features for item sourcing, order management, supplier negotiations, inventory controls, sales audits, and invoice matching tools. This phase was crucial in ensuring accurate payments to suppliers and refining inventory management, with the integration of additional Oracle Retail modules like Retail Invoice Matching and Warehouse Management System.

In the final phase, Konzum`s forecasting capabilities were significantly upgraded using the Oracle RPAS platform, enabling comprehensive baseline and causal sales forecasts that surpassed the previous system`s coverage in both products and locations. This phase involved integrating modules for retail allocation and demand forecasting, which facilitated better decision-making in procurement, sourcing, and inventory management.

Throughout the KONDOR project, a key focus was on seamless integration. We bridged Konzum`s legacy systems with the latest Oracle technologies, creating a cohesive platform for their expansive operations.

Project Summary

Over three years, Weigandt Consulting enabled Konzum`s digital transformation and entry into contemporary retail.

Embracing a Service-Oriented Architecture, we seamlessly amalgamated over 60 systems through 150+ interfaces, all while ensuring robust data protection through centralised security strategies.

We helped to redefine core functionalities, facilitated the integration of sophisticated features, and bolstered advanced forecasting capabilities.

Andreas, Project Manager at Weigandt Consulting

Managing the Konzum project wasn`t just about timelines and deliverables; it was about forging a relationship based on trust, understanding, and a shared vision. Every milestone achieved was a testament to the synergies between our teams.

The outcome

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We are proud to have assisted Konzum in designing, building, and implementing a fully integrated solution, rooted in Oracle Retail, tailored for both their retail and wholesale operations.

Thanks to this collaboration, Konzum now operates with centralised master data, streamlined promotional capabilities, and has incorporated advanced planning and forecasting tools, leading to enhanced day-to-day management. The new platform ensures Konzum`s readiness for seamless international expansion and partnerships in the future.

We deliberately chose a company that would value working with us, and Weigandt rose to the challenge, providing outstanding expertise with significant management involvement and accountability.

Tomislav Jukic, Board Member at Agrokor Group

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