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Legacy system's transition to modern retail efficiency

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Since 2016, Tesco and Weigandt Consulting have been working together to revitalise Tesco`s legacy Oracle Retail Solution stack across the UK, ROI, and Central Europe. Initially focusing on the Oracle Retail Price module, our engagement broadened to include other modules, addressing integration complexities and scalability concerns inherent in the older technology. Our methodical approach transcended mere support; we modernised and optimised the legacy systems to align with Tesco`s evolving needs, ensuring system stability and efficiency. This long-term partnership has fostered a seamless transition towards contemporary retail solutions, with Tesco confidently operating a more reliable and efficient Oracle Retail system.


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Meet the client

Tesco, a leading UK retailer and a notable global player, operates 4,859 stores across the UK, ROI, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Serving millions weekly, both in-store and online, Tesco offers a vast array of products, emphasising customer satisfaction and market presence.


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The challenge

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Tesco's Oracle Retail system, while robust, was built on older technology that struggled to meet the company's evolving requirements. As the business terrain expanded, the system lagged, with common issues like location moves and night batch chain interruptions surfacing, etc.

Additionally, the outdated tech architecture hindered the integration of new features and real-time analytics capabilities, which are crucial in the modern retail ecosystem. These challenges emerged from the system's legacy technology foundation, adversely affecting operational efficiency and system stability.

Addressing these hurdles became vital for Tesco to maintain system reliability and to align with contemporary retail demands.

Nazma Ali, Head of Product at Tesco

Thank you so much for helping to progress this and the regular updates. Great client service.

The solution

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To bolster Tesco's Oracle Retail system's stability and performance, our methodical approach began with enhancing the system's underlying architecture for seamless integration with other internal systems.

Our commitment to service quality was reflected in consistently surpassing the set Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We didn't just stop at resolving existing issues; our proactive stance had us identifying and mitigating potential risks before they escalated. Furthermore, we modernised the system's operations by integrating contemporary practices such as CI/CD, automated testing, and proactive monitoring.

This meticulous and future-focused approach not only resolved existing challenges but also fortified the system against potential setbacks, marking a significant stride in transitioning Tesco's legacy systems towards modern retail efficiency.

Project Summary

Initiated in 2016, the collaboration between Weigandt Consulting and Tesco embarked on revitalising Tesco's Oracle Retail solution stack. 

Starting with the Oracle Retail Price module, we soon expanded our collaboration to include the Oracle Retail Merchandise System and Oracle Retail Invoice Matching. By integrating modern practices like automated testing, proactive monitoring, and CI/CD into the legacy framework, we addressed not just immediate issues, but also fortified the system for future challenges. 

This collaboration with Tesco led to enhanced system stability and set the groundwork for transitioning to contemporary solutions, ensuring Tesco stays technologically advanced in the retail sector.

Denis, Account Director at Weigandt Consulting

Our partnership with Tesco has been a testament to what good teamwork can achieve. Together, we`ve navigated through challenges and improved the Oracle Retail solution significantly.

The outcome

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The collaborative endeavour between Weigandt Consulting and Tesco has brought forth remarkable results:

SLA Performance Exceedance: Our consistent fulfilment and surpassing of the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) underscores our dedication and expertise.

Maintenance Cost Reduction: Substantial reductions in system maintenance costs were achieved, reflecting the efficiency of the modernised Oracle Retail system.

Incident Reduction: A notable decrease in the number of incidents, contributing to smoother operational flows.

Enhanced System Efficiency: The Oracle Retail solution stack operates more efficiently, tackling the previous integration and scalability issues.

Boosted Reliability: A more reliable system instils confidence in Tesco for handling modern retail demands.

Solid Foundation for Transition: Set a strong foundation for transitioning to contemporary solutions, ensuring Tesco stays technologically advanced in the retail sector.

I did meet the team from Weigandt and must say I was very impressed with their dedication and commitment. These are the partners we should be working with.

Vidya Laxman, IT Director at Tesco

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