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Oracle Retail Exchange (REx) at NRF 2016

Weigandt Consulting has sponsored Oracle Retail Exchange (REx) at National Retail Federation BIG Show 16-19 Jan 2016 in New York.

The US National Retail Federation (NRF) hold a global conference every year in January in New York. The NRF Big Show attracts delegates from all over the world and naturally there is significant attendance from US headquartered retailers.

At NRF, big is beautiful! The scale of the Expo Halls is vast, the conference content is broad with multiple parallel activities, relationships are re-discovered and built, and business deals are made there. When you walk into the conference centre, the sheer size of the event is very impressive, and it has a real “wow” factor!

The American retail industry is a large consumer of technology and services, and although the challenges may be a little different to those in European retail, there is constant innovation. These innovations are often showcased at NRF, either through the Expo or via the conference content.

NRF is a fascinating event in an amazing location, but it is hard to feel as though you absorbed all of what NRF offers because of the scale and size – careful planning and preparation is required!

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